Heavy Rain

On Monday the morning news boldly stated that this year's rainy season would officially begin on Friday. Being morning news and being a weather forecast, I didn't take the declaration very seriously as the accuracy of meteorology in Japan has plummeted to comically low numbers despite the national supercomputers dedicated to the task becoming ever more powerful. The prediction didn't change at any time throughout the week, though. Every weather person said that we'd have heavy rains starting from Friday.

Oddly enough, they were all 100% correct.

Lightning Over the City

The rainy season has begun, and it's letting the entire region know that we'd best pay attention. Given how warm the winter was, I am expecting this season's typhoons to be stronger than what we witnessed last year, which was already pretty devastating for some of the more rural communities around here.

Heavy Rain in Kakamigahara

Heavy Rain in Kakamigahara, Gifu (各務原岐阜県に大雨はすごいです)

The skies certainly opened up today.  While on the way to get some kanji textbooks, the Mrs. and I ran into some pretty heavy rain.  At some points visibility was down to just 50 meters.

Good thing the car's wipers work.  The last time I encountered this kind of storm was back in Canada when I was driving a '95 Dodge Ram Van with windshield wipers that would only work on sunny days (seriously).