The End of Cherry Blossom Season

After two short weeks it seems that the cherry blossoms have fallen.

The Walking Path

Fortunately this puppy doesn't mind one bit whether the trees are a bright pink or a lush green.

Nozomi Enjoying a Walk

Blooming Trees

April showers may bring May flowers in Canada, but here in Japan we get to see blossoms bloom in March. When I last saw the trees around the apartment there were plenty of buds but nothing was ready. A week of warmer temperatures has changed all of that.

Blooming Trees

Tomorrow Nozomi and I will head down to the river if it's not raining too much to see if the cherry trees at our favourite park have started to open.

Cherry Blossoms

For two weeks of the year people all across Japan get to enjoy the definitive sign that spring has sprung as parks and riverbanks transform from brown and grey to green and pink. This is often accompanied by friends and family heading out to sit under a cherry blossom tree, picnicking and enjoying the company while taking in the pleasant aroma of flowers in bloom. That said, it's always a good idea to remember that age old rhyme:

April showers bring May flowers.

No sooner had the first blossoms started appearing on the trees did the grey clouds move in, drenching the ground in much-needed rain, and otherwise rendering outdoor activities in the presence of cherry blossoms all but impossible. Luckily, Nozomi and I did manage to get in a walk between showers.

The Riverside Walk.jpg

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While Nozomi does not really look at the trees or sky very often, she did seem to enjoy sniffing the petals that had fallen to the ground. She may be "just a dog" to many people, but she's just as capable of enjoying the little things in life as the rest of us.

Cherry Blossoms and Rain.jpg

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The weather forecast for this coming week does not look good for people who want to head out and photograph these lovely blossoms, but there's no reason why we shouldn't try anyway. A little rain never hurt anyone, after all.

各務原市の花見 - Cherry Blossom Viewing

境川の花見 - Cherry Blossoms along the Sakai RiverReiko and I made the trek to 境川 (the Sakai River) here in Kakamigahara to enjoy the blossoming cherry trees and some treats from the various food stands along the river.  We couldn't have picked a better day to do it, either.  Despite being a Sunday, which usually equates into large crowds at any and every event in the city, Reiko and I pretty much had the river to ourselves.  Only a few hundred people could be seen in any direction, and most of us had enough personal space that we could truly enjoy a relaxing morning outdoors.  On top of this, the weather was a perfect 17 degrees.  Warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt.  It's a shame I'm too fat for either.

Protruding stomach aside, the Mrs. and I managed to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells along the river for over an hour near lunch time before heading off to Jusco for some much needed clothes shopping.

Here are just some of the pictures we managed to take today:

Taking a Boat Ride Along the Sakai RiverCherry Blossoms in Full BloomWalking Along the Food ConcessionsReiko Taking a PictureReiko and I on the Bridge Over the Sakai RiverOne Last Photo of the Sakai Before Leaving …