Flat Earth advocate dies after homemade rocket crashes


The saga of "Mad" Mike Hughes and his homebuilt rocket has come to a tragic end. The Flat Earth advocate died on February 22nd at the age of 64 when the chute for his steam-powered rocket detached shortly after launch, leading to a high-velocity crash in the desert near Barstow, California.

Well this is unfortunate. I wonder if he has the answer he has sought for so long to verify …

Olympics minister raps South Korean posters of Tokyo 2020 torch runner in hazmat suit


South Korean Olympic Posters

Seiko Hashimoto, minister for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, on Friday denounced South Korean-made posters showing an Olympic torch relay runner wearing a hazmat suit and what appears to be radioactive material spewing from the torch.

I dunno. I thought this was pretty funny 😬

Jordan Peterson's year of 'absolute hell': Professor forced to retreat from public life because of addiction


Jordan Peterson is recovering from a severe addiction to benzodiazepine tranquilizers and was recently near death in an induced coma, his daughter Mikhaila said.

He is being treated at a clinic in Russia after being repeatedly misdiagnosed at several hospitals in North America, she said.

This would explain a couple of things. Really hope he gets the attention he needs 😕

When it comes to climate hypocrisy, Canada's leaders have reached a new low


A territory that has 0.5% of the Earth's population plans to use up nearly a thid of the planet's remaining carbon budget.

The numbers Bill McKibben, the author of this opinion piece, point to are inaccurate. Canada would not be using up “a third of the planet’s remaining carbon budget”. Yes, there will be pollution during the oh-so-energy-intensive oil sands separation. Yes, the oil refined from the sludge will result in further atmospheric contamination, but it is not a third of the carbon limits as described in the Paris Accord. That’s absurd and misleading.

Oh, right … it’s The Guardian. This is just par for the course. Lie, lie, lie, because the intent justifies the agenda.

Japan to amend laws to help elderly work until 70 | The Japan Times


The Cabinet on Tuesday approved bills to urge businesses to let employees work until age 70, as the country seeks to expand the working population to cover rising social security costs amid the rapid graying of society.

No, thank you.

The end of BlackBerry phones: TCL will cease sales in August 2020


BlackBerry is quitting the phone business—again. You might recall BlackBerry quit manufacturing smartphones back in 2016, but it licensed its brand name to the Chinese smartphone corporation TCL. TCL started pumping out BlackBerry-branded devices—some of which were QWERTY equipped and some of which were shameless rebadgings of existing TCL phones. TCL's Zombie BlackBerry plan apparently wasn't working too well, though, since now that's dead, too.

Wonder if has one of these TCL-made devices or if he rocks it old school with a Canadian-designed model 🤔

Teenaged bank robbery suspect steals and crashes police car


Three teenagers were arrested after a daylight Friday bank robbery in downtown St. Catharines that involved three vehicle chases, two pursuits on foot — one through Niagara Region headquarters — a citizen's arrest and a stolen police cruiser.

These kids are going to spend a lot of time behind bars …

The environmental cost of keeping mail and files online keeps rising


The problem is that all those messages require energy to preserve them. […] Right now, data centers consume about 2 percent of the world’s electricity, but that is expected to reach 8 percent by 2030. Moreover, only about 6 percent of all data ever created is in active use today, according to research from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. That means 94 percent is sitting in a vast “landfill” with a massive carbon footprint.

“It’s costing us the equivalent of maintaining the airline industry for data we don’t even use,” said Andrew Choi, a senior research analyst at Parnassus Investments, a $27 billion environmental, social and governance firm (ESG) in San Francisco.

There is just so much wrong with this article. So much …

Oh, it’s written by someone at Bloomberg. That explains everything. Maybe Bloomberg should lead by example, delete all their lies, and make the world a greener place as a result.

How Alcohol Affects Your Hearing


The effect of alcohol consumption on your brain is cumulative, so even moderate drinkers who drink alcohol for many years can suffer from hearing loss as a result of their drinking.

Well … damn.

Norfolk teen calls police after trying to buy fake ID


A Norfolk teenager who tried to buy fake ID online called the police after coming away from the transaction empty handed.

Keep it classy, Norfolk1 😑

  1. This is where the bulk of my immediate family are located.