Amazon's climate pollution is getting way worse


Amazon's greenhouse gas emissions ballooned big time last year despite the company's efforts to sell itself as a leader in climate action. Its carbon dioxide emissions grew an eye-popping 18 percent in 2021 compared to 2020, according to its latest sustainability report.

I thought this is what the climate (and WHO apologists) wanted; everyone to stay home and order things from online stores. Amazon, like it or not, has one of the most comprehensive inventories available to shoppers on the planet.

Back in 2019, then-CEO Jeff Bezos announced that the company planned to reach net-zero carbon dioxide emissions for its operations by 2040. Unfortunately, that kind of pledge allows companies to get away with some misleading carbon accounting. They can aim to reach “net-zero” emissions or claim to be “carbon-neutral” by purchasing carbon offsets that are supposed to cancel out the impact of their emissions through supposedly eco-friendly projects. That usually involves planting trees, protecting forests, or promoting clean energy. […]

I thought this is what climate groups wanted; more carbon capture projects. Governments around the world have been investing billions in carbon credits and, with regards to the regime in Canada, sometimes the citizens of a nation are required by law to offset their carbon footprint with these credits.

[…] Those offsets, however, typically don't result in real-world reductions in the planet-heating CO2 building up in our atmosphere.

So … have we been lied to again? Or is this just another eco-activist who demands everything change 100% overnight with no consideration to the fact that an entire species’ livelihood cannot pivot that rapidly?

I challenge any environmental group to create their own zero-carbon city and have it populated with more than a million people who are gainfully employed. Show the world that it’s both possible and profitable. This isn’t a matter of greed, but of realism. Families need a little financial security for the unexpected, and people who work hard demand to be rewarded for their efforts. We cannot simply change everything all at once despite the desire to be a cleaner species.

We are standing on 100,000+ years of technological progress and mastery. That’s a lot of momentum to counteract.