Tokyo to host Olympics under fresh state of emergency


The government plans to declare a fresh COVID-19 state of emergency for Tokyo, sources familiar with the matter said Wednesday. […] The state of emergency will be in place through Aug. 22, the sources said, adding that the government also plans to extend the emergency for Okinawa Prefecture until Aug. 22. […] The quasi-emergency for Osaka, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures is set to remain in place until the same date.

No surprise there.

The decision to put the capital under the state of emergency will have a dramatic effect on the Tokyo Olympics, set to kick off July 23, likely forcing the government and organizers’ hands to ban spectators from the event.

They should just throw in the towel. The vast majority of people who chose to answer many of the recent polls regarding the stupid Olympics have said the games need to be cancelled and forgotten about. All this event will accomplish is to make the Winter Olympics in China next year look like a bloody sensation compared to Tokyo’s ghost town.

I hope Paris and Los Angeles are paying close attention and reconsidering their host status …