Google to free G Suite users: Pay up or lose your account


Google has long offered a service that lets you use Google apps on a custom domain, allowing you to have a Google email address that ends in your domain instead of "" For the first six years of the service's life, the basic tier allowed you to create a custom domain account for free. Now, you have to pay for the privilege of using a custom domain with a Google account. Google turned off the ability to create these accounts for free in 2012, but it wouldn't take away accounts from existing users, would it?

It would.

[…] Google's custom domain started in 2006 as "Google Apps for Your Domain." The service has been through a bunch of name changes since then—"Google Apps for Work," then "G Suite," and now "Google Workspace"—but the setup has always been the same: You get Gmail and other Google apps, but they've been custom branded for your company, giving them a more professional appearance than a email address. Today, the service starts at $6 per user, per month, with higher tiers available for higher storage needs. From 2006 to 2012, the basic tier was free.

$6 per user per month? And no viable alternatives? Yeah … this is going to hurt a bunch of people pretty quickly. It’s not like email can be self-hosted anymore 😑