Even small donation to Freedom Convoy after Feb. 15 enough to have donor's bank accounts frozen, finance committee told


“Just to be clear, a financial contribution either through a crowdsourced platform or directly, could result in their bank account being frozen?” Conservative MP Philip Lawrence asked Department of Finance Assistant Deputy Minister Isabelle Jacques.

“Yes,” she replied.

“They didn’t have to actively be involved in the protest, they didn’t have to be here in Ottawa at one of the blockades?” Lawrence asked.

“No, not themselves,” she replied. “It could be indirectly.”

There is something rotten in the state of Canada this month as Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister, and his right hand have “weaponized” donations by freezing the assets of individuals who have contributed to the most recent Freedom Convoy protest fund raiser. This unprecedented action may have a chilling effect on every act of charity going forward in the country as people will need to ask themselves “Does Justin Trudeau approve of this cause?” Failure to adhere to the approved of and ever fluid ideologies may result in bank accounts being closed, mortgages cancelled, insurance policies revoked, and jobs lost.