5-year-old Stoney Creek boy peddles 72 km to CN Tower


Ben, 5, not only quickly mastered getting around on two wheels, but two days later took her up on her suggestion he use the COVID school shutdown to do something to better himself by joining her for a longer ride.

Taking waterfront trails, they ultimately pedalled to Spencer Smith Park in Burlington and back to their Teal Avenue home by the lakeshore in Stoney Creek, a 20-kilometre trip.

Yet the junior kindergarten student at St. Agnes Catholic Elementary School had a more distant target in mind: Toronto’s CN Tower.

Go Ben, go!

Ben realized his goal on June 17, cycling the 72 kilometres to the CN Tower in six and a half hours.

That’s awesome!

“His big grandiose plan — and this is going to sound absolutely insane — is to bike ride across Canada,” says Anna, on maternity leave with her third child.

“I have no idea where he’s getting it from. I don’t know what he sees, and obviously he’s 5 and not able to articulate himself yet and express where that drive comes from,” she says. “I keep asking him and he keeps saying, ‘Because I can.’”

Darn right.