Yoshihide Suga to run in LDP leadership race to replace Abe


Suga conveyed his intention to run to LDP Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai, a key figure in deciding how the party election will be held, sources said.

If these are the three running, here’s how I hope the party election results will work out:

PM Contenders

  1. Shigeru Ishiba (Left) ⇠ making him the next PM
  2. Yoshihide Suga (Right)
  3. Fumio Kishida (Centre)

Regardless of who the next PM is, though, they’re going to need to give people a reason to have confidence in them. Ishiba would be my pick if I were a party member, but he doesn’t come across as a strong leader. He would need to speak with a bit more assertiveness and conviction if he’s elected.