'Romance Doll' shows there's a fine line between sex and love


Yuki Tanada is not easy to categorize, having undertaken the roles of actress, scriptwriter, novelist and director since winning the Pia Film Festival grand prize for her 2001 debut film, “Moru.” And, while her films may examine issues of identity, sexuality and mortality with honesty and insight, they also supply laughs with a dry sense of humor. […] For this year’s edition, the festival also plans to invite “Romance Doll,” Tanada’s comic drama about an earnest sex doll designer (Issey Takahashi) who marries his one-time “breast model” (Yu Aoi), but lies to her about his profession. By turns funny, tragic and improbably uplifting, the film was scripted by Tanada from her own novel of the same name.

This looks like it might be an interesting movie about one of the growing social questions as people become more and more isolated over time …