Killer Jamie Boulachanis, who recently became a woman, demands transfer to female prison


Jamie Boulachanis, a murderer who recently became a woman in the definition under Canadian law, will make her second request on Monday to be transferred to a federal penitentiary for women to continue serving a life sentence. […] The case, to be heard at the Montreal courthouse, pits Boulachanis’s rights to equality versus Correctional Service Canada’s concerns for public safety.

There is just so much to unpack in this story. The question that I often wonder goes something like this: “If prison systems are supposed to represent the aspect of society that encourages redemption, how far must they be willing to go?”

Given Boulachanis‘ past behaviour and desire to escape, the cynic in me says that the desire to be identified as a woman and transferred to a female prison is ultimately to use their greater physical strength and stamina to overpower the female prison guards at the other correctional facility, making escape much less improbable.

However, the naive optimist in me says “If this person wishes to leave their violent ways in the past with their male body, would it not make sense to give them a clean break to serve the remainder of their time in a female prison with other women in a less male body?”

As with so many things in the world, there is no simple answer 🤔