'Minecraft' library helps you dodge news media censorship


The Uncensored Library

[Reporters Without Borders] has worked with BlockWords and MediaMonks on the Uncensored Library, a Minecraft map that includes articles from journalists and sites whose work is frequently censored for its unflattering truths. You'll find articles from murdered Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the activist-friendly Russian site Grani.ru and the Egyptian anti-corruption outlet Mada Masr, among others.

This is an interesting way to communicate across borders and past firewalls, but I wonder if anybody vets the information provided. The great thing about real libraries is that there are librarians who can help a person determine whether something is accurate or spin. Free-for-all posting, as seen on most social spaces since BBSes and earlier, result in a whole bunch of imaginary “truths” being generated and passed off as fact.