Black Conservative addresses an Alberta Christian University and a free speech fight breaks out


“As a Christian, what I was saying should not be controversial to them at all, but because they disagree with what the Bible says on racism, it becomes offensive to them,” Sey told the National Post on Monday. “They are essentially, by attacking me, attacking the Bible; I didn’t go there to share my opinion, I was going there to explain what the Bible says about racism.”

[His speech] opens with a question and a proposition: “If I asked you, what’s the best anti-racist book today, what would you say?”

“If we say anything other than the Bible we’re completely and destructively wrong.”

According to the student council statement, his views — and the event itself — “caused some members of the community to feel as though Ambrose did not support their lived experience of systemic racism.”

Thank God I’m not 20 years old anymore. My goodness, kids are coddled to the point where they’ll start stimming if McDonald’s runs out of ice cream, then expect a full apology and one year of free Happy Meals as compensation.

If you disagree, that’s great. It means you were listening and focussed. Articulate your arguments and get them out there. Let “the discussion” happen. Be ready to be wrong. Be ready to be right. But for fuck’s sake, be ready for the reality that not everyone on earth will accommodate your myopic views of reality.