A look under the hood: how branches work in Git - Stack Overflow Blog


Git has won the race for the most popular version control system. But why exactly is it so popular? The answer, at least in my opinion, is pretty clear: branches! They allow you to keep different versions of your code cleanly separated—ideal when collaborating in a team with other people, but also for yourself when you begin working on a new feature.

Although other version control systems also offer some form of branching, Git’s concept and implementation are just stunning. It has made working with branches so quick and easy that many developers have adopted the concept for their daily work.

This is a really clear writeup of how Git works, demystifying a good deal of it. I've shared it with a number of colleagues and it's good for anyone who might be interested in understanding how modern version control systems work1 👍🏻

  1. You'd be surprised how many file sync and backup tools have moved to a Git model for simplicity.