It's a miracle! Apparently climate crusaders are immune to COVID!


Is there anyone with a thinking mind who does not see that COVID-19 and all its laws, biological or political, operates differentially depending on a person’s status, position, wealth and political orientation? Let too many people into a restaurant in Ontario and face fines, being closed down or even imprisonment. Send 200 from cabinet and bureaucracy to a foreign city for two weeks of close and personal immersion with 30,000 from all over the world, and all is not only well, but all manner of things shall be well.

Because COP26 is about global warming. Which is as an elixir, a magic wand, a fiat from Zeus himself, against every reality. As energy supplies dry up, as green policies advance ruin upon the economies of nations, as prices inflate and gasoline costs soar, the ludicrously righteous assembly in Glasgow gets exempted from the plague of all the rules and regulations imposed with force of law and threat of job loss on everyone else but them.

And why? So that very special people who are protected from the bleak effects of what for 26 years they have preached, can with suffocating certitude issue more bulletins to the rest of us, guaranteed to make what is already extremely troubling, even more drastic.

Rex Murphy has a very “Ward Cleaver” view of the world. While there’s a lot that he says which strikes me as being 70 years out-of-date, there’s a great deal more that he says — often with the subtlety of a brick tossed towards a window — that cuts through the noise published by a lot of other newspapers.