Rex Murphy: Our not-so-brave new world has gone bananas


What a magical world we have when, if someone wants something to be a something else, all he or she has to do is simply say so.

Rex is as conservative as it gets when it comes to social structures. While his take on the duct tapped banana artwork, ”The Comedian”, is blind to the commentary that is modern art, his overarching premise is how much of Asia is viewing the English-speaking world. The commentaries in both the Japan’s Asahi Shinbun and Korea’s Choson Ilbun both argue that the west is on the verge of a social reconstruction that will cost the west several generations to repair, in much the same way Asian countries had to restructure themselves in the latter half of the 20th century to join the modern world.

There’s a lot that I would like to write about the subject, as an outsider looking in, but my attempts to do so have so far been terribly imprecise and unsophisticated …