Astronomer slams sexists trying to tear down black hole researcher's rep


In response to the scientific community's celebration of the publication on Wednesday of the first picture of a black hole, internet trolls painted an even darker portrait of misogyny through an effort to discredit the female postdoctoral researcher, Katie Bouman, who led the development of the imaging algorithm.

This sort of thing confuses me greatly, as a whole bunch of factors need to go into being this upset about something that plays no bearing in a commentator’s life. Is it jealousy that drives the hate? Is it an actual resentment towards anyone with a uterus? Is it self-loathing because someone else put in the decades of hard work to learn, to study, to collaborate, to refine their understanding of an insanely complex natural phenomenon? There is undoubtedly elements of one of all of these at play, plus a whole bunch more I don’t understand, as I’m neither a psychologist nor a very good study of human behaviour.

People who want to hate will do so regardless of what anyone else thinks. It would be nice if they would just do it in silence so the rest of us can enjoy all the amazing things hard-working people around the world are accomplishing.