Kagawa mom whose daughters died of heatstroke left kids in car to go bar-hopping


Maria Takeuchi, 26, was arrested Friday for allegedly leaving her daughters — Mayuri, 6, and Yurie, 3 — in a car for over 15 hours through early Thursday afternoon, when the children were found unresponsive. […] An autopsy found that the girls died of dehydration caused by heatstroke, the police said. The temperature rose to as high as 37.6 degrees Thursday in Takamatsu, a record for September. […] Takeuchi allegedly left them in a passenger car at a parking lot in Takamatsu from around 9 p.m. Wednesday, resulting in their deaths, the police said, adding she is declining to speak about the allegations.

So she drove her car to a location with the intention of drinking for an extended period of time. She brought her kids with her thinking “they can sleep in the car”. And she didn’t get back to the car until noonish the following day?

We can’t go a week without hearing about a parent somewhere in the country arrested for leaving a kid in the car, but this one takes the cake …