Biden's Afghan blunder


Afghanistan is on the brink of catastrophe and it is U.S. President Joe Biden’s fault. By overruling America’s top generals and ordering the hasty withdrawal of U.S. troops, Biden opened the way for Taliban terrorists to capture more than a quarter of Afghanistan’s districts.

Now, the Taliban is pushing toward Kabul and the United States is looking weaker than ever. […] In a sign of what is to come, U.S. forces quietly slipped out of the base overnight after shutting off the electricity. The resulting security lapse allowed looters to scavenge the facilities before Afghan troops arrived and gained control.

[…] Biden’s approach entails effectively admitting that a terrorist militia has defeated the world’s most powerful military, and then handing Afghanistan back to that militia. This undercuts global trust in the U.S., jeopardizes Afghan and regional security and threatens to trigger a resurgence of terror worldwide.

Yeah … once again, this will not end well. The US — or China — will be called in to police the area after the next series of completely preventable terrorist attacks …