Suicide spike in Japan shows mental health toll of COVID-19


The number of suicides rose in Japan in August due to more women and school-aged children taking their own lives — offering a first glimpse into the consequences of the mental health strain brought about by COVID-19 around the globe. […] Sociologists have long warned that the economic and social disruption wrought by measures to contain the coronavirus could cause more deaths than the pathogen itself. In Japan, the suicide rate has been falling but it remains a top cause of premature deaths — this year, suicide has taken over 13,000 lives, while total COVID-19 fatalities number less than 2,000.1

This is something that I’ve been pointing out to government offices and whatnot for darn near six months. More people take their own life per month than have passed away as a result of COVID. This isn’t just a matter of finances or “the economy”, but a consequence of the breakdown in community — exacerbating the isolation people feel — and a complete loss of purpose as a result of being idle or feeling imprisoned in their homes for so long.

The country will see more of this as winter approaches …

  1. Emphasis is mine.