Second member of Uganda Olympic team tests positive for COVID-19 in Japan


A second virus case linked to the Ugandan Olympic team has been detected after a coach tested positive on arrival in Japan, a city official said Wednesday. […]

Uganda’s delegation arrived in Japan on Saturday and headed for a training camp in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture, but a coach who tested positive on arrival was put in isolation. […]

“Those nine people who have been identified as having had close contacts (with the coach) … have been isolated in individual rooms in order to avoid contact with others,” …

This whole thing is a farce. I really hope the IOC is disbanded and the Olympics go away, never again to be over-commercialized and put ahead of public interest and/or health.

I do feel bad for the athletes, though. Some chose not to attend. Some were told they could not attend. And some who do attend risk being quarantined and missing their event if anyone they’ve been in contact with tests positive …