Social media is an existential threat to our idea of democracy


Two reports for the US senate reveal how Russia’s Internet Research Agency has fomented distrust and division in the west

This article does not go very deep into the subject of propaganda dissemination and its effects, nor is it written in such a way that the people who cannot identify propaganda for what it is to understand. The problem is that, in the west, the education system has been hijacked by — forgive the term — left-wing nut jobs who think it’s more important that everyone participates rather than achieves a goal. Reading comprehension and critical thinking skills are barely taught in schools anymore, which effectively reduces a growing proportion of the population into easily coerced readers of false or misleading information.

Social media isn’t the problem. Our ever-declining academic expectations for the next generation is. Until adults can come to grips with the hard reality that some people, no matter how hard you try, are just not that bright, the better.

This is one of the many reasons I will not let my children be educated in Canada. That’s the system I went through, and I’m a fucking idiot. While there are most certainly problems with the Japanese education system as well, my kids will have a much better grasp of reading and critical thinking than almost anyone of the same age in Canada.