Number of influenza patients in Japan remains low


According to the ministry, only seven influenza cases were reported in the two weeks to Sept. 13. The figure is less than a thousandth of the year-before total and about a hundredth of the average-year level.

This year, the number came to three in the week to Sept. 6 and four in the following week. There were two patients in Chiba Prefecture, and one each in Gifu, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo and Okinawa prefectures.

By contrast, the number stood at 3,813 in the first week of September last year and 5,738 in the second week for a total of 9,551, reflecting an outbreak in Okinawa Prefecture. In usual years, the total in the period stands at several hundred to 2,000.

Mhmm. I figured this would happen, too, given the reduced number of interactions with people. It’ll be interesting to see what the full result is when spring returns next year. I figure this will give people a lot of data on how to drastically reduce cases of seasonal influenza nationwide 😷