New Ontario elementary math curriculum to include coding starting in Grade 1


Ontario’s math curriculum is getting a makeover — with students learning coding and financial literacy in Grade 1, and a new focus on dealing with kids’ stress on the subject.

Okay …

[…] There are a total of 465 “expectations” of learning for students from Grades 1 through to 8, about 150 fewer than the current curriculum.

So they’re adding things like “coding”, but taking enough other stuff out to result in kids learning less overall? 🤔

[…] In Grade 1, students will look at sequential coding, possibly programming the image of a caterpillar that they can move a few steps forward or backwards using arrows. […] The new curriculum also moves some concepts and lessons, including telling time on a clock from Grades 1 to 3, when students have a better grasp of patterns.

Wait … so kids will get a primer on what is essentially robotics, before actual life skills like reading a clock?

Yeah, my kid won’t go to any Canadian school. I went through the system and came out stupid. Goodness knows what 16 years in an Ontario classroom does to a person’s brain now 😑