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Apple is speeding up repairs of defective laptop keyboards that have left MacBook users angry, frustrated, and firing off lawsuits. […] The iGiant has ordered its posh shops to turn around in-store laptop keyboard repairs faster, according to a memo seen by MacRumors. Repairs have, in the past, been largely done off-site and take three to five days, but now Apple wants its in-store geniuses to fix keyboards on the same day, and is shipping them the parts to do so.

I’d be pretty upset if my work machine was gone for a week. Mind you, I would not be comfortable handing over any of my computers without first removing the storage devices and putting in temporary "dummies" that contained just a bare OS installation. Given the number of NDAs I am under at any given time, there's no way I'd want to risk an unmonitored 3rd-party having physical access to a computer.

2018-era MacBook Keyboard

Back when I picked up my first MacBook Air the keyboards that Apple put out were some of my favourite. The amount of travel was just right. The keys bounced back fast enough for me to type without slowing down1. The reliability was second to none.

A lot of Apple fans have lamented that the company is no longer interested in "power users", and maybe they're right. Apple is clearly focusing more of its energy on media delivery, where keyboards are generally not required. That said, I would really like to see the company trot out a newer machine with the older keyboard and say something along the lines of "Back by popular demand …".

Probably won't happen anytime soon, though.

  1. Well … I had to slow down when typing into some versions of Evernote. That program went downhill pretty quick after the company ran out of ways to grow the tool.