Spotify hints at subscription podcast service


Spotify appears to be interested in launching a subscription podcast service that would offer access to original shows or exclusive episodes for a monthly fee. The potential service was described in a survey sent out through Spotify’s app, which was reported on by Andrew Wallenstein, president of Variety’s Intelligence Platform.

The survey describes at least four possible subscription podcast plans, ranging from $3 to $8 per month. The cheapest plan would include “access to exclusive interviews and episodes,” but would still include ads. The most expensive plan would include access to “high quality original content,” early access to some episodes, and no platform-inserted ads. None of these plans would include access to Spotify’s premium music subscription.

So, after a few years of buying creators and putting that content behind a firewall to encourage signups, they’re considering subscriptions that focus only on this once open medium?

Maybe Spotify can consider renaming these shows from podcasts to “spotcasts” or something equally asinine.