Protesters in Montreal topple John A. Macdonald statue, demand police defunding


A spokesman for the Montreal police confirmed the statue of Canada's first prime minister was unbolted, pulled down and sprayed with graffiti

And it was beheaded. The 200 law-abiding people participating in the demonstration allowed it to end with this sort of action. “Defund the police” they demand but, looking at the bullshit that bad actors do today, why in the world would any Canadian city want to reduce spending? This isn’t about some form of oppression that anarchists are marketing as “equality”. This isn’t about “brutality” as Canada’s police officers — while hardly the perfect role models of enlightenment and restraint — are generally some of the most respectable law enforcers in the world.

The people who topple statues, the people who deface buildings, the people who taunt others to provoke a response that can be framed to show the antagonist as a victim … it’s these people who are without perspective and without identity. They are pawns playing a game that is taking place at a level way, way over their head.

If we are to judge everyone in the past by the standards of the moment, then we are all damned. All of us. The most righteous today will be considered a savage in 25 years. Even the champions.

Is there a need for change in our institutions? Of course there is. There always is. Civilization is not a static enterprise. However, to demand change while exhibiting the worst parts of human nature is like giving in to a toddler throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery store because you won’t buy them the sugar cereal.

People have every right to protest. People have every right to demand our social institutions live up to the ideals of the community. But it comes at a cost; the people must show by example how these demands will make for a better tomorrow.

Temper tantrums are fine for children, but adults need to step up their game.