Our Dress Rehearsal for a Police State


If you love liberty, you must see that it is jeopardized more than at any time since America’s founding. And that means, among other things, that at this time, a vote for any Democrat is a vote to end liberty.
— Dennis Prager

This is quite the claim. While there are certainly some politicians with delusions of grandeur and societal “reconstruction”, having the house, senate, and presidency 100% under any single party1 — be it Republican or Democrat — would be a very bad thing.

There will certainly be a lot of bizarre situations encountered in the US and elsewhere for years or decades to come, but it’s up to the citizens to pay attention and ensure the people they choose to represent them in any government setting are grounded, rational, and ideologically sound.

Oh jeez … we’re all screwed, aren’t we? 😕

  1. Or even 70%, for that matter.