Editorial: Our civil rights matter, even in a pandemic


This is not the time for police and bylaw officers to treat them as enemies of the state. This is particularly so given that the vast majority of Canadians appear to be doing all they can to respect and abide by the new order of things. […] And so, unless an offence is egregious, we would urge police and bylaw officers to start by verbally warning individuals who violate one of the new rules. Explain to them what they’re doing wrong.

And any action should be based on specific regulations, not the whim of a martinet on a power trip. As the last resort, fines can be handed out, especially to stubborn scofflaws who persist in obviously unsafe behaviour. […] That’s the way to encourage Canadians to accept the new rules. That’s also the way to ensure life during a pandemic is no harder than it must be. Protect the public’s health — and their rights.

Indeed. Some of the tickets that people are receiving for being outdoors in Canada are beyond absurd.