Video of Black teenager being arrested by police sparks outrage and allegations of excessive force


A video circulating on social media of a young Black man being arrested by Waterloo Regional Police officers in the parking lot of a Kitchener plaza is sparking outrage and allegations of excessive force. […] The post says family and friends are outraged with the use of force and the lack of masks.

What would be considered “an appropriate use of force” in this situation?

Let’s see …

  1. The kid and his friends were doing something at a mall to warrant security to ask them to leave. They didn’t.
  2. The cops are called and three of the four kids run off. One doesn’t.
  3. The straggler proceeds to taunt the cops to act, walking into traffic on a busy road, hurling insults, and issuing threats.
  4. The cop calls for support, then the kid spits at him before running off.
  5. A short chase later, he’s surrounded and arrested, most likely resisting the whole time.

Let’s see what options the cops have here:

  1. Tase the kid (Canadian cops rarely shoot their guns. Too much paperwork after the fact.) and take him into custody for being a dipshit.
  2. Use brute force and numbers to take him into custody for being a dipshit.
  3. Let him walk, because nobody had a weapon waved in their face, emboldening the dipshit to step up his antics until a reaction is recorded.

The cops would have all had body cameras on and active for the duration of the event. This arrest has nothing to do with the colour of someone’s skin and everything to do with the youth needing a good smack upside the head, ideally from his parents and alternatively by someone else who cares about him. If the kid were white or Asian or from Alpha Centauri, he would still have been taken down and cuffed for being a dipshit.

If people want to be outraged, that’s their business. It does nobody any good to misdirect it, though.