The environmental cost of keeping mail and files online keeps rising


The problem is that all those messages require energy to preserve them. […] Right now, data centers consume about 2 percent of the world’s electricity, but that is expected to reach 8 percent by 2030. Moreover, only about 6 percent of all data ever created is in active use today, according to research from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. That means 94 percent is sitting in a vast “landfill” with a massive carbon footprint.

“It’s costing us the equivalent of maintaining the airline industry for data we don’t even use,” said Andrew Choi, a senior research analyst at Parnassus Investments, a $27 billion environmental, social and governance firm (ESG) in San Francisco.

There is just so much wrong with this article. So much …

Oh, it’s written by someone at Bloomberg. That explains everything. Maybe Bloomberg should lead by example, delete all their lies, and make the world a greener place as a result.