Cloudflare explains today's mega-outage


"The outage," explained Cloudflare, "was caused by a change that was part of a long-running project to increase resilience in our busiest locations."

Well that explains why 10C – and large swaths of the internet – was down for over an hour yesterday 🤪

L'Affaire Dundas in Toronto: Falling for a Hoax


Henry Dundas was actually a hero of the Anti-Slavery Movement, writes Dr. Patrice Dutil. The City of Toronto must reverse its stupid plan to change the name of Dundas Street.

A very well-written argument showing how historical figures are not (always) the evil villains portrayed by today’s woke crowd.

Announcing the Cloudflare API Gateway


Over the past decade, the Internet has experienced a tectonic shift. It used to be composed of static websites: with text, images, and the occasional embedded movie. But the Internet has grown enormously. We now rely on API-driven applications to help with almost every aspect of life. Rather than just download files, we are able to engage with apps by exchanging rich data. We track workouts and send the results to the cloud. We use smart locks and all kinds of IoT devices. And we interact with our friends online.

Okay …

This is all wonderful, but it comes with an explosion of complexity on the back end. Why? Developers need to manage APIs in order to support this functionality. They need to monitor and authenticate every single request. And because these tasks are so difficult, they’re usually outsourced to an API gateway provider.

Umm … so? How is this any different from any other authenticated service? It's not complicated … unless you're a complete n00b to software development who has never had to consider how to work with streams of data rather than files. I have never outsourced this to an API provider, even when I was just starting out with API development. It has always been done wholly in-house and, thanks to 10+ years of experience with API development, the Midori Core framework that I've built handles everything in absolute split seconds. Authenticated and unauthenticated requests operate at damn near the exact same speed.

Unfortunately, today’s gateways leave a lot to be desired. First: they’re not cheap. Then there’s the performance impact. And finally, there’s a data and privacy risk, since more than 50% of traffic reaches APIs (and is presumably sent through a third party gateway). What a mess.

The only mess is this marketing-written puff piece about a Cloudflare service that will further lock people into their systems, making anything written for the service a legacy project right off the bat. Vendor lock-in is very real, and should be avoided at all costs.

Reading through the complete article, I can see why they're offering this service: "developers" are lazy as hell. However, the solution always seems to be "more tech" rather than "better developers". If programmers actually sat down to think about the needs of the project, then people would ask better questions on StackOverflow, learn how to write better systems, and – with any luck – ensure the web remains free and federated.

Less tech. More education. That's the way forward.

The threat is coming from inside the power supply


If you're managing a smart model from ubiquitous uninterrupted power supply (UPS) device brand APC, you need to apply updates now – a set of three critical zero-day vulnerabilities are making Smart-UPS devices a possible entry point for network infiltration.

Well that’s no good …

Live Ukraine updates: Enemy aircraft shot down over Kyiv crashes into residential building, officials say


The United Nations Security Council will vote on Friday on a draft resolution that would condemn Russia for invading Ukraine and require Moscow to immediately and unconditionally withdraw …

Yeah, that'll do a whole lot. If nations were so easy to control, all sorts of organisations would be sending letters condemning nations for X and Y while demanding Z.

… but the measure is set to fail because Moscow can cast a veto.

Ah, that's right. Because the UN serves no actual purpose. Gotcha 👍🏻

Medical experts in Japan concerned that omicron symptoms will be mistaken for hay fever


This year’s hay fever season has arrived amid the spread of the highly transmissible omicron variant. The symptoms accompanying omicron resemble common symptoms developed in seasonal allergies and may be difficult to distinguish from hay fever, according to virologists and other medical experts.

According to the Japanese Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, it has been reported overseas that 73% of patients infected with omicron had symptoms such as a runny nose and 60% were sneezing frequently. Moreover, unlike infections with previously detected coronavirus variants, a loss of taste or smell tend to be rare with the omicron variant.

I’m waiting for an article to come out that says “Waking up before noon is an unmistakable symptom of COVID”.

Even small donation to Freedom Convoy after Feb. 15 enough to have donor's bank accounts frozen, finance committee told


“Just to be clear, a financial contribution either through a crowdsourced platform or directly, could result in their bank account being frozen?” Conservative MP Philip Lawrence asked Department of Finance Assistant Deputy Minister Isabelle Jacques.

“Yes,” she replied.

“They didn’t have to actively be involved in the protest, they didn’t have to be here in Ottawa at one of the blockades?” Lawrence asked.

“No, not themselves,” she replied. “It could be indirectly.”

There is something rotten in the state of Canada this month as Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister, and his right hand have “weaponized” donations by freezing the assets of individuals who have contributed to the most recent Freedom Convoy protest fund raiser. This unprecedented action may have a chilling effect on every act of charity going forward in the country as people will need to ask themselves “Does Justin Trudeau approve of this cause?” Failure to adhere to the approved of and ever fluid ideologies may result in bank accounts being closed, mortgages cancelled, insurance policies revoked, and jobs lost.

Police move to clear last demonstrators in Canada's trucker-led protests


Deployed by the hundreds, the police said they made more than 100 arrests and towed approximately 20 vehicles.

This article leaves out a lot of context and misrepresents an awful lot of what’s happened over the last three weeks. It encourages ignorance …

The 'stealth' subvariant of omicron is spreading in Japan. What impact could it have?


BA.2 is called the “stealth” version of omicron as it lacks the genetic deletion found on the spike protein of BA.1, making it difficult to detect it via PCR tests

Here’s an idea: FUCK OFF. I refuse to give more time to this goddamned sham. Fucking kill me, or shut the fuck up.

“Oh, it can’t be detected. Let’s live in fear!”

Fuck you.

DeepMind AI rivals average human competitive coder


After simulating 10 contests, with more than 5,000 participants, AlphaCode has ranks in the top 54%.

The problems in the competitions are not seen by the AI during training, so solving them requires a combination of critical thinking, logic, algorithms, coding and natural language understanding.

So … “about average”. This would make DeepMind a classic “checklist developer”.

The manager wants a button next to the banner, so I will put a button next to the banner. Task complete! Update JIRA. Next ticket.

Programming isn’t about writing code, it’s about understanding the problem and reducing the friction 😕