'I’m alive': Jordan Peterson back in Canada after lengthy medical treatment, he says in emotional new video


Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychology professor who skyrocketed to fame before vanishing from the public eye for nearly a year, has posted an emotional new video online, explaining that he’s back home in Toronto after months seeking medical treatment for withdrawal symptoms related to benzodiazepine use.

“Hopefully, much of that is behind me and I can return to something resembling a normal life,” said Peterson. […] “I hope that what I produce in the future will, that people will find it, of equal or greater utility. That’s an ambitious hope … but it still seems appropriate, an appropriate goal for my upcoming activities,” he said.

This is good news. I’m really glad that he’s able to carry on. Hopefully there will be less interference from the media and haters.

Can Evernote make a comeback?


Evernote used to be the king of note-taking apps. The obvious go-to, regardless of the hardware you owned and what you were trying to store. […] That popularity allowed the company to expand into new areas. It partnered with Moleskine to produce paper notebooks which, through a combination of stickers and scanning, could be easily tagged and ported into Evernote. It launched a food-specific app and offered a whole range of merchandise including desk tidies and socks.

But those days are long gone.

Evernote has been retooling their system for just over two years. A lot of things have changed for the better. Some things, like the API interfaces, have remained the same. I’ve found the system to be a lot easier to approach after years of waffling between different note-taking apps.

Hopefully Evernote can find some success with their recent releases 👍🏻

Surface Duo review—Orphaned Windows hardware makes a poor Android device


The Good

  • It's pretty. The flat glass and ultra-thin profile makes for a compelling ultra-premium looking design.

The Bad

  • The lack of a split keyboard means you're stuck with one-finger typing in the standard "book" configuration. You have to swap to single-screen mode to get two fingers on the keyboard.

  • The phone is extraordinarily wide for no reason. Android apps don't do well on wide screens, so you either get a huge UI or giant margins. The width means the phone doesn't fit well in a pocket and is hard to hold.

  • The whole notification experience is terrible, with a skinny notification panel and no way to see notifications when the phone is closed.

  • There's no NFC.

  • There's no wireless charging.

  • There's no water resistance.

  • There's no high refresh rate display.

  • Microsoft is shipping last year's SoC.

  • You will probably break the USB port.

  • The software is very buggy, and you should expect to regularly fight with wonky gestures, a wonky touchscreen, and lots of problems that will need a reboot or at least closing and opening the phone again.

  • The $1400 price tag.

The Ugly

  • Microsoft's "We would really like to ship this existing hardware" mentality ruined all the hype around its entrance into the Android ecosystem.

This reads like something put out by my employer, not a company with the resources of Microsoft … 😑

Raymond J. de Souza: We can finally admit that plastic recycling has been a sham all along


After generations of governments at all levels promoting recycling with salvific zeal, we now have the confession: recycling of plastics has mostly been a crock. Those who wished to know knew long ago. I did, but then we economists tend to be the sort who — what’s the phrase? — follow the science. We are not dumbfounded if there are unintended consequences when government regulation mandates that rubbish has resale value.

This has long been known. In Japan it’s about 40% of plastics that get recycled. The rest is generally incinerated 🙄

Wooden toy boat washes ashore on Lake Superior after 27 years adrift


On Oct. 7, a small wooden boat drifted ashore on Lake Superior, leaving locals with a puzzling mystery. The Apostle Islands National Seashore in Wisconsin, a U.S. National Parks service, said the red, white, and blue boat was found with a message inscribed on its hull.

“I am traveling to the ocean. Please put me back in the water. Will you send information on your whereabouts to, Lakewood School, Room 116 & 118 5207 N. Tischer Duluth, MN 53304,” read the tiny vessel.

Yeah, it’s a fluff piece, but it’s a nice one 🙂

French museum pulls Genghis Khan exhibition after China objects to name 'Genghis Khan'


A museum in France has delayed its Genghis Khan exhibition after an attempt by the Chinese Government to censor certain words and materials surrounding the showcase. […]

But the history museum, Château des ducs de Bretagne in Nantes, pushed back when Chinese authorities called for certain words, including “Genghis Khan,” “empire” and “Mongol,” to be removed from the exhibition, Agence France-Presse reports. Chinese authorities later asked for control over exhibition brochures, legends and maps, the museum said.

This is a bridge too far for many. China will need to step up their conquest of western institutions if they plan on rewriting history to this degree.

Bruce Pardy: In universities, the revolution is now complete


I teach at Queen’s University’s law school, housed in Sir John A. Macdonald Hall, named after Canada’s first prime minister. On Sept. 18, our faculty board, consisting of professors, students, administrators and staff, voted 29 to three to remove Macdonald’s name from the building. The vote, which also included five abstentions, is not binding upon the university’s board of trustees, which has the jurisdiction to make the call. Queen’s principal, Patrick Deane, is expected to make a recommendation to the board this week, and it will vote on the question soon after. Macdonald is likely to become another casualty of the cultural revolution currently underway in Canada.

At universities, that revolution is all but complete. Who controls the present controls the past, Orwell tells us, and who controls the past controls the future. Although Queen’s will cancel Macdonald, purportedly on the grounds that he was a racist white man, his demise has little to do with the man himself and everything to do with what he has come to represent. One of the tasks of any revolution is to tear down the narratives upon which the previous order was built. Macdonald himself is less important than how we regard him. When any historical figure is cancelled, the real targets are the attitudes of the living.

This opinion piece pretty much outlines why Canada isn’t the same country I grew up in. I cannot live in a populated part of that country ever again … 🙄

Around the world in 11 days: Bar-tailed godwit breaks own record, flying from Alaska to New Zealand


Scientists say the bird has set a new world record for avian non-stop flight, after tracking its route over 11 days from southwest Alaska to a bay near Auckland, flying at speeds of up to 55 km/h. […]

The satellite recorded a point-to-point flight of 12,854 kilometres, but scientists have estimated that the distance travelled will have been around 12,200 kilometres once rounding errors are accounted for. The previous longest non-stop flight on record was by a bird that flew 11,680 kilometres. That effort was recorded in 2007, and it was also by a bar-tailed godwit.

These things weigh about 400g when they start their flight, and they don’t stop to sleep or eat until reaching their destination … 😮

Facing the music: Can Japan's vibrant record culture survive the COVID-19 pandemic?


Masaru Ono doesn’t know how he will feel when he closes the doors of RECOfan Shibuya BEAM, the iconic Tokyo record store he has managed for the past 20 years, for the final time at 9 p.m. on Sunday.

This record shop is known worldwide. When musicians come to Japan, they make it a point to visit this store and pick up some vinyl. This store closure will likely result in the creation of some tribute tracks in the club scene …

Playing chess for charity, RZA and GZA of Wu-Tang reflect on the science of the game and life


For as long as the two leaders of the Wu-Tang Clan have known each other, it still shocks GZA that he never played chess with RZA as a kid. […] The pair are busy practicing this week for their Twitch debut on Saturday, where they will play and compete in a chess tournament hosted by Chess.com and Hennessy. It’s to benefit Black, Latinx and Asian small businesses struggling with the pandemic.

WuTang have always been awesome. This is just more to appreciate 👍🏻