Hmm … Atom processors really don't like compressing data. 8 minutes to do 420 MB of 4MB .jpg files. Oh, to have a Core2Quad …

Afghanistan's run-off election has been cancelled. I guess they're about as democratic as Iraq was with Saddam, and North Korea is with Kim.

Back from a nice trip to 養老 with the Mrs. Well … was nice until 1:30 when the temperature went from 20C to 5C in about 15 seconds … 寒い!!

Sitting at JR Unuma with the Mrs. How come the JR side has WiFi, but Meitetsu doesn't? It's not fair …

Takayama may be a no-go, but the Mrs. and I will definately head out to look at some lovely autumn foliage today. Can't wait :D

Wow … Haruna Ai beat out a bunch of other transgendered people to be named Miss International Queen? Didn't even know there was a pageant.

It's such a beautiful day outside that the Mrs. and I may just make the trek to Takayama :)

I have a little bit of a runny nose. So the Mrs. has swept into full Swine Flu mode … This is going to be a loooooooooong long weekend -_-

Marketers in Japan need to stop lying to people so blatantly while they still have a shred of respectability. Alas, they should move quick.

If I see one more commercial for notebooks with that damned "Eco" button…. What a load of bull. And "Hybrid" hard drives … what hybrid?