It's a beautiful thing when a series of mathematical calculations, when built into a software tool, can save a company billions (of Yen) :)

It's almost scary just how much more work one can do when they forget to fire up a Twitter client :P

To the old lady that just cross-checked me to get on the train before me:that's the second time this week! I'll make sure you wait next time

yet another person thinks it's a bad idea to develop software on a netbook, insisting that a Xeon is required … don't tell my AspireOne :P

Alright … just managed to do some l33t stuff in .NET that will improve application performance by 40%, so now it's time to get some sleep.

So much rain … good thing the Mrs. and I are home for the night

Why won't I shake your hand [Kenji]? Maybe because you were just scratching your bare arm pit and haven't even attempted to wipe your hand.

Is it wrong for me to giggle at some emails received from Japanese people? Some people have such an innocent way of using language sometimes

back at 名古屋大学 for another round of presentation courses in English … yay. Perhaps I should use the time to study kanji instead :P

just finished my first Japanese annual health exam … 25 to find the place (stupid "map") had North in opposite direction. 45 mins. & done!