that would be unfortunate …


192GB of ECC RAM and a Threadripper would be pretty epic …

ah. I just think of calcium as something in my bones, not my arteries 🤐

It took a while, but I’ve managed to get Nozomi smiling again 🙂

Nozomi Enjoying Her Walk

Nozomi Enjoying the Sun

have you not heard? The next Nintendo device will ship with an AMD Threadripper 2700X, 192GB of ECC RAM and cost just $199!

Of course Nintendo will lock the boot loader down so you can’t run Windows, but WOW!


I thought calcium was a good thing …

As one would expect when the weather forecast from the evening before says “cloud and cold”, the morning is sunny and warm. The wind might be a bit chilly at times, but I’d rather have wind than none at all 👍🏻

Watched District 9 for the first time. It’s been on my list for years, but I’d not gotten to it for some reason. There are a lot of interesting themes in there that run parallel to our own history with apartheid and internment of marginalized groups …

Red October quotes do make for a successful afternoon 👍🏻