Verizon is going to make a killing on ETFs next month … should more than make up for their phone subsidy :P

If the next gen iPhone/iPod does not have a home button, I hope the bezels are reduced in size. 3mm on each side would kick ass :)

Haven't been able to syncronize EverNote for the last 45 minutes … anyone else seeing this?

Does Evernote allow for ToDo lists with checkboxes? I'd much rather have items archived forever rather than just deleted from a note -_-

Why is EverNote for PC 46.8MB in size?

darn near 11 am, and I'm still the only one in the office. Was I supposed to be somewhere else today? :o

it bugs me that my local disk seems to copy data at a rate of 712KB/sec, yet I can transfer data across the network at 22MB/sec -_-

Wonder how much intellectual property and private customer data people upload from work to their DropBox accounts …

wonder if there are any noteable DJs out there that haven't used sound clips from the Apollo 8 mission in their mix albums …

Think today is going to be quite hard … voice isn't very strong today, and a strong headache is brewing