So hard to get things done when I have a wife and puppy vying for attention -_-

How many spammers have you blocked/reported since Friday? I must be in the triple digits by now …

Ugh … Amazon is making so many changes to the backend of AWS that I'm getting lost >_<

Spammers should stop messaging me, because I'll shut them down so fast it's not funny.

wonder if Xzibit is going to put out a new album at some point …

Spelling mistakes FTW!

lots of spam accounts being removed from Twitter before I have a chance to mark them as spammed …

Hmm … my timeline is messed up. Mentions are coming in with the wrong timestamp >_<

Wow … HUGE spike in Twimi usage yesterday at 10:36PM. That's the busiest my servers have every been. 130% busier than Friday afternoon :o

First mistake of the day: putting .Net Framework 4.0 on a Core i3 with 4GB RAM. Who knew a FRAMEWORK needed a Watson?