the trial is free, so this would give you time to create a proof of concept. From there you could show it to management. If they agreed/liked the idea, then perhaps there would be money to pay for it 🤔

Seems my Five Things posts, which started after reading a post that @jeremycherfas linked to in one of his 100 for 100 series republications, has carried forward to Randolph’s site now [] …

$7 per person per month? 😮

The nice thing about kids’ shows is that there’s never any mention of Trump, Brexit, or the flat earth shenanigans. The language isn’t all that sophisticated, but it’s a heck of a lot more optimistic.

@tomas that’s a lot of messages ?

@thrrgilag I’d say it’s weird that more people don’t have twin bot setups …

cool. What kind of app? 🙂

Time to call it a day, I think. G'night world.

@gtwilson small favours ??

such is the life of a host, it seems. Hopefully the Mrs. is enjoying all the extra company, though 🙂