Dinner time! Yay!

New Post!: Apple Offers Support to Employees in Japan http://bit.ly/geSmpO

Apparently, US newspaper ads hit 25-year low. Guess this means that newspapers might actually have to write content worth reading …

Laggy tweets make bad jokes even more ill timed -_-

Hmm … does it make sense to defrag a VM from within the VM? Is there fragmentation at play here?

and now on to the hard part … the core <body> content …

Muahahahaha! This dynamic code that generates dynamic JavaScript that generates HTML on the fly is so … interesting. Works, too :D

Wish Twitter had a "semi-private" setting. Let people read my tweets, but they can't send me jack without my permission …

Hey spammers! Fuck off and die! All of you! Yes! I need exclamation marks for this! びっくりマーク!!!!!

Grr … home timelines not updating at all. Only seeing my Tweets. Mentions and Lists okay, though #TwitterAPIfail