just spent the last 45 minutes dicking around with my router instead of working. What a way to top off the afternoon -_-

jeez … no more white people on TV. C'mon … please. They're all awful. Every one of them >_<

Every time phpDesigner hangs on me, it's because the darn thing is talking to a server somewhere. What the deuce?

Peter Piper, man. You ever hear that guy? He's such a douche.

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Hate it when I type "alter" instead of "alert". Gee … wonder why this JavaScript isn't working … >_<

Hmm … what's this? We can now disable detailed monitoring of EC2 instances? Ooh … that's nice :D

Hmm … less than 800MB free on the iPod Touch. This won't end well …

Almost one … time to sleep -_-zzzZZZ

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