I'm sure there are some people … particularly when the repeat business is with "problem customers" 😉


@streakmachine the company says they pay market rates for skilled people. What they don't say is which market’s rates. A DBA is cheap in counties like Rand McNally ?

Hmm … this is silly. Today is the pay period close for the past 31 days where I had 9 days off for weekends, a national holiday, and four vacation days. This resulted in working just 16 days last month. My clocked hours still worked out to 171h30m.

The boss's boss won't be happy about that, given that "nobody should ever be doing more than 40h of OT in a month", but the alternative is that my employer hire someone who understands that a database is not an Excel sheet. That's a tall order in Japan …

Took the boy for a quick walk in the park before starting the day job stuff. He really doesn't like the return part of the trip. He'd much rather spend all his time outside, it seems … which will be fine by me when he's a little bit older and knows not to run into the streets.

@streakmachine that's what I call the cord that goes from the wall to the fridge … ?

A past client has gotten in touch to have some changes made to an app I write for them a while back and make a new one that can help them with some problems they’re facing with a supplier.

I like repeat business 🙂

@streakmachine seriously? ?

@variablepulserate YouTube is very much a different medium than TV. That said, TV stations could learn from the video platforms and reap a bunch of benefits.

This assumes, of course, that the media companies have the vision to maintain their agency. Right now it seems that too many are keen to hitch their futures onto Google’s vision …

The forecast says this part of the country will enjoy 14°C temperatures for the first time this year. Wonder how accurate the prediction will be …

was the same for me. Fell asleep around 11:00pm … 🤐