I have no idea what foreign people in TV commercials are saying when they speak Japanese. It's less intelligible than Beat Takeshi's English

You see a faded sign on the side of the road that reads "15 miiiles to the Love SHACK!"

this is an absolute mess … what the heck were they thinking when putting together their email "spec" ?

I'm honestly surprised email still works … so many clients break conventions and send malformed crap >_<

It's now been one week since the #tokohuquake … a moment of silence

Will there be a moment of silence today at 2:46?

don't know how I used to survive with this Internet connection. 120KB/sec is the best I've seen all week …

The puppy loves to chomp on bones. If she ever learns there are bones under her skin, we'll be in trouble >_<

Puppy finally ate a proper meal for the first time since the quake … she hasn't finished her bowl at all this past week >_<

What has 4 years of English in Japan taught me? Being overly cautious with written and spoken language will pay itself back in spades …