Wondering if I should whip up a new design for the company's websites …

sounds like someone outside is being electrocuted … what an odd way to shout :o

Ugh … my next PC will have an SSD as its primary drive, or I'll buy a SSD and slap it in myself right after >_<

wonder if we're going to see a daruma using a Galaxy S, now :P

Seriously. Don't know how many Tweets I've sent to the wrong person because they happen to have 4 characters in common with someone I follow

when Twitter clients try to be helpful and auto-complete a user name, they shouldn't freakin' pick whatever name is first and move on …

if a message sent from the Japanese Windows Live system reports itself as iso-2022-jp, only the body is so. The sender name is in Shift_JIS.

ah … I think I've got it …

This darn encoding just will NOT cooperate. Most messages are okay, but ones sent from a Hotmail bot are messed up >_<

why do so many "Resource" sites just scrape content from StackOverflow & call it their own? People who do this should be shot and pissed on.