New Post!: The Greatest Supporting Character of All Time?

Elzar: You saved me a trip to the dump. Bam!
Calculon: I'd appreciate it if you didn't "bam" the lady
Elzar: Well I'd appreciate it if I did

Coilette (Bender): This blouse makes me look fat. Is it trampy to go on a first date nude?

Calculon is one of my favorite Futurama supporting characters :D

New Post!: One of the Downsides of VMs …

Dammit! Why is Safari more stable in Windows than in OS X?

hmm … wonder if there's a way to extract yourself from a conversation …

dinner was soooo good … dunno how the wife expects me to stay thin when her food is so awesomesauce >_<

Dinner time …

It seems I have some pretty powerful dirt, now … I feel like Ozawa :o