@larand like Levi Strauss?

@jeremycherfas the W3C validator shows the feed as being valid, but I’m not seeing any updates from the last two weeks ?

@phoneboy mhmm. As I mentioned, I’ll be getting to the rest of the docs this week. Yesterday, aside from the day job, was about the docs site design and a preliminary release. There are updates to v5 almost every day ?

I should probably get to bed soon …

Hmm … has my RSS feed become unreadable in the last couple of days? Why is it no longer appearing through Feed.ly?

good friends are indispensable ?

sounds like a positive feedback loop … despite the negativity. Any chance you can hop on another cruise ship for a week?

isolation is a bit difficult to overcome …

thanks. Hoping to get more done shortly …


@phoneboy here's v0.1 [docs.10centuries.org]. I wrote a bit about this today [matigo.ca] and will aim to have more of the API endpoints documented in the next couple of days. Currently it's just the Authentication API [docs.10centuries.org] that's available. I should have a couple of hours tomorrow to bang out a few others.