@phoneboy hope it doesn’t cost too much. Insurance for young people is high enough as is …

the family, yes. The boy is clearly tired from all the noise and excitement, though. He fell asleep in the car within 2 minutes


@phoneboy that’ll cost him for a few years ?

The big mall seems to have lost their best little stores. It’s all chains and “organics” now ?

The food court at the mall is not absolutely full, yet it’s close to lunch time. What’s going on? 🤔

Which company was it that started the little shark fin antenna? BMW? ?

The boy enjoyed his walk around the university grounds. Hopefully it means he’ll have a good nap this afternoon ?

Brought the boy to the nearby university to get in some exercise and fresh air. He’s pretty tired now 🙂

ditto. Should be alright, and I have almost 40 vacation days saved up, which is the maximum as they expire after two years 🤐


There is sometimes just way too much noise …