hmm … that’s odd. I’ll take a look to see what might be causing the issue 🤐

no idea. I generally ignore what other kids are saying 🤐

My goodness the kid whines a lot …

it’s supposed to be pretty tough …

yep. A total lack of respect. Somehow I doubt any manager will take it upon themselves to resolve the matter … 😑

to buy time, perhaps? Their behaviour is not at all honourable, though …

The boy wants to ride his bike. This is as good an excuse as any to spend some more time outdoors 😬

sprinting in sandals does not sound like a comfortable thing to do … 🤭

Brought the boy out for a bit of fresh air. He seems to be in a better mood for it.

Not bad for the end of November:

Blue Skies Above

Some trees were full of winter buds, too:

Winter Buds