hoping to have this ready tomorrow at the latest, as I'd like to put a pair of bots in the Global channel. One for new accounts, and one for earthquakes in Japan. I don't think people will want to see these (particularly the earthquake messages), so want to make it possible for people to have their home timelines with proper Follow/Mute/Block actions.


tiring … but such is life. There is some good news, though. I've managed to rework the SetPersonaRelation function so that it's possible to perform multiple actions with a single API call, which is something that's not possible (that I know of) with any other social network … not that anyone would really be setting multiple things at once 🙄


Okay, then. Let's see how much more stuff I can get done tonight before calling it a day …

on the way home?


My goodness, it’s getting quite hard to keep my eyes open …

I should take the puppy out …

lunch is good. Don’t forget the coffee ☕


Time for some dinner, I think

This might require a little bit of CSS adjustments to work out some visual alignment issues …

Static Images

Next up, getting Follows operational again. That might be ready to go by this time tomorrow. A bunch of testing needs to be done before I can effectively enable that feature.