Hmm … I think it'll be a "quiet Friday" today … because it's best I don't speak too much at work.

s'all good. iOS 14 has been decent for me throughout the betas, with just a few niggles here and there. Big Sur, however, is something I might have to avoid until I work out the best way to continue development on it. When I was on the beta the OS broke just about everything I needed to do on a daily basis …

they go away over time 😬

The abandoned house just down the street is ready to come down. This week the interior was ripped out, and now there are just the exterior walls to come down 😮

shall we leave you alone until 42 minutes past the hour? 🤔

It’s Friday 😮

since UBPorts took over, the project has been moving at a glacial pace. It’s done. 😑

it makes no sense given the number of open recycling bins around here. You can’t go more than 150m without seeing a place for cans, glass, and plastics …

64-bit iDevices have all been upgraded from the iOS 14 beta to the real deal. Hopefully this means everything is snappy and relatively stable 👍🏻

Read this Dilbert []. Then read the comments.

This is what happens when you let humans be comfortable and safe for too long 😑

To heck with it. Let’s start colonizing the solar system. Nothing safe about that at all!