What the heck? Is GitHub having trouble again? I can't seem to commit changes …

Meeting complete … now to get to work.

Things are so much easier when the number of people working on a project is kept to something reasonable … like 3. When there are more than 3, then things become unnecessarily complicated 😑

Almost time to jump into a meeting that people say is "important", but is really just going to consume time I cannot spare …

maybe it’s just cheaper to pay the fines? 🤔


The rain has slowed down, so now would be the opportune time to take Nozomi out to the pedestrian bridge 🤐

The UPS might finally pay for itself today. 2+ years and not one (weather-related) power failure 😬


the age group would be anyone from 12 to 100, I think. People will be able to report sightings, view those made by others, comment on them, “score” them, etc.

In the UFO circles there are just two main groups who get to decide whether a sighting is valid or not, both of which are American. This app would democratize the process for anyone who wants to contribute to the effort.


Guess this means the kid won’t be going to school today. The weather is far too intense. It’s like a category 4 typhoon out there ☔ ☔ ☔ ☔ ☔


I have not seen the rain come down this hard in … a long, long time 😮