that's … unfortunate 😕

hope your car isn't parked outside 😮

hope you’re feeling better soon. Pain is no fun 😕

Facing East:


ooh, Affinity Publisher 😮

I would have hit 600 points every day this week if my daily activity target wasn’t increased by 120 points on Monday 😆

Even if I stay in bed all day tomorrow, she cannot win this round 👍🏻


Have been thinking about adopting another dog recently. This isn’t to replace Nozomi, but to offer another dog an opportunity to enjoy the area. That said, how would Nozomi feel about this if I can eventually get her back? 🤔

9% is painful. Hope it drops a bit soon 😕

Whoops … well after six o'clock. Should put the day job stuff away for now and make some dinner …