Whoops. It's after 1:30am, and I have the kid's entrance ceremony at school to attend in the morning …

In other good news, the bots are dropping off. Went from a high of nearly 30K requests per day just a few weeks ago down to 4,200. This is progress.

הרבה עבודה נכנסה היום לממשק ה- API לתמיכה בשפות ותכונות תווים שונות. אני מרגיש די טוב עם המאמצים של היום. 🙂

𐑭𐑘 𐑥𐑩𐑕𐑑 𐑩𐑛𐑥𐑦𐑑 𐑞𐑨𐑑 𐑖𐑪𐑝𐑾𐑯 𐑤𐑫𐑒𐑕 𐑐𐑮𐑦𐑑𐑰 𐑛𐑭𐑮𐑯 𐑒𐑵𐑤 𐑦𐑑 𐑦𐑟 𐑪𐑤𐑥𐑴𐑕𐑑 𐑩𐑞𐑩𐑮 𐑢𐑩𐑮𐑤𐑛𐑤𐑰 𐑤𐑭𐑘𐑒 𐑕𐑩𐑥𐑔𐑦𐑙 𐑘𐑵 𐑢𐑫𐑛 𐑕𐑰 𐑦𐑯 𐑩 𐑕𐑭𐑘𐑩𐑯𐑕 𐑓𐑦𐑒𐑖𐑩𐑯 𐑥𐑵𐑝𐑰 𐑓𐑷𐑮𐑑𐑖𐑩𐑯𐑩𐑑𐑤𐑰 𐑦𐑑 𐑦𐑟 𐑪𐑤𐑕𐑴 𐑩 𐑤𐑧𐑓𐑑 𐑑𐑵 𐑮𐑭𐑘𐑑 𐑕𐑒𐑮𐑦𐑐𐑑 𐑢𐑦𐑑𐑖 𐑥𐑰𐑯𐑟 𐑦𐑑 𐑢𐑩𐑮𐑒𐑕 𐑛𐑠𐑩𐑕𐑑 𐑓𐑭𐑘𐑯 𐑢𐑦𐑔 𐑞𐑩 𐑮𐑰𐑕𐑩𐑯𐑑 API 𐑩𐑐𐑛e𐑑𐑕 👍🏼

There we go. Just pushed out 10Cv5 20D080, which includes some bug fixes in the API.

I just finished mine … 🤐


question is, which government?



hmm … I wonder if it would make sense to have a Shavian translation file for 10C sites … 😉



so … you created your own version of Graffiti [en.wikipedia.org]? 😮


I still don't understand why companies don't allow people to use anything as a password. 10C has supported multiple character sets and even emoji in passwords for 5+ years. Oh, and the password can be any length between 5 and 120-million characters in length. It's not rocket science …