it takes a little bit, yeah. The tap picker when using Safari is not particularly helpful for how I use the web, but I can see how it might work for some …

you must be getting pretty good at filling those out relatively accurately ahead of time …

Really get confuzzled when people state the date in the WRONG DD/MM/YYYY format. What silly person thought that ever made sense? All numeric dates should be in the YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss format, with varying degrees of specificity when it comes to the time of publication. If a date is written out, then knock yourself out by saying "December 10th" or — if you must — "10 December" … 🙄

hope the week of vacation will help you recharge a bit. Maybe not so much for work, but for yourself.

Surprised by how difficult it is to accomplish anything online when it involves sending Canadian products to people in Canada. I can either finagle an Amazon Gift card for $50CAD through a PayPal account, then buy the stuff on Amazon via a VPN that pops out somewhere in North America, or I can pay Japanese prices for the exact same things and have them shipped.

Total on $42.87 CAD

Total on (for the exact same products, from the same stores, and the same URLs): $391.88 CAD (32,178 JPY)

Stupid …

Back at the desk and pegging the CPU at 100% again with some video conversions. Yay for WebM … 😑

Sitting on the hill with the boy. He really likes his strawberry fruit juice 🙄

On the Hill With the Boy

it was a show that I could only watch if the weather was just so because the broadcasting tower was at the edge of what the rabbit ears on the TV could catch when physically held a certain way. The show struck me as being an intelligent critique of culture in the 90s, though I was far too young and naive to fully understand it.

yep. A pretty good role model for people to look up to 👍🏻