@jeremycherfas saw that in the RSS feed. What sort of thing were you trying to accomplish?

yep. Always busy. That said, this is life. If we weren't busy, we'd be bored and probably looking for a different line of work … πŸ€”


The puppy is snoring pretty loudly tonight …

let's hope so πŸ™‚


@whoisashygirl not cool. If the atmosphere is hostile, then it may be worthwhile to step back for a bit, as lonesome as that may be ?

Almost 7:00pm. That means it's time to bring the puppy outside!

@hazardwarning then they can get a bus and drive to see you. I'm sure that big red NHS bus is doing absolutely nothing right now, which ought to make it pretty cheap to charter ?

cool. Interesting and exciting are two good words to associate with things that you work on πŸ‘πŸΌ


@hazardwarning 7 hours of driving to attend a meeting? Unless it's a discussion on how to transfer 5,000 stone worth of gold-pressed latinum to your personal vault, it's not worth the time spent. This is why we have teleconferencing …

@hazardwarning hope you're feeling better soon. Headaches suck ?