Just had Subway in Japan for the first time. Jared would lose even more weight if he tried his diet here :P

Too hot for clothes … stupid dress code at work won't let me use a birthday suit, though. Then again, maybe that's a good thing.

The beautiful is here to stay, it seems. Time to bring back cool-biz :P

Has anyone else with an AspireOne netbook found that the network speed is a little … less than optimal? Netbook is 2x slower than my PDA.

This would be a simple answer if only I could get a few minutes with someone who could actually answer some of my technical questions

At yet another crossroads … do I develop an API and modify the company's new reporting tool to use an online database, or leave it as is?

So it seems that my projects may be largely redundant due to poor inter-organizational communication. I don't know if I should scream or cry

It seems the app I've been developing for the last few months will be insufficient due to a dumb IT decision … can .Net port to Adobe Air?

Hmm … I won some free copies of Smith Magazine. Kewl.

So tired … just finished a 16 hour day. Sure, the economy is slow, but I haven't been this busy in almost two years! 21% fall in sales?