nice. Enjoy the quiet (and photo opportunities) while you can 😁

We had a bunch of fireworks in the house that we’ve collected over the last three years and Reiko wanted them disposed of. The safest way to do so is to light it first, so I brought a bunch of packages outside, stuck them in the dirt, and set them ablaze.


The amount of smoke that proceeded to blanket the neighbourhood took me by surprise 😑

how is that? More expensive?

Talia Woodin, 20, one of the XR Youth members who protested at YouTube, said: “It’s something that older generations will never be able to understand, because they’ve never been told that they will not get the same opportunities in their future that their parents and their grandparents had.”

Jessica Murray []

This is demonstratively false. If the typical activist had any sense of history — even if it’s just the last 50 years — they’d know that their parents’ generation was told the same thing.

The. Very. Same. Thing.

it’s always good when you don’t need to see a dentist or doctor for six months or more 👍🏻

you’re never too old for a puppy 🙂

the puppy will be full of beans for a couple of years at least …

Seriously? Byword? I wrote one blog post from the park …

iOS Power Consumption

Something has drained the phone battery quite a bit today …

for the most part, but I’m thinking more along the lines of vibrancy. There are certain things I’d like to try and, seeing as how phone-sized screens dominate blog usage, it makes sense to design for narrow screens before the wider, traditional displays 🤔