How frustrating has this past week been? Taking a look at the bathrooms in this house can reveal the answer.

If there isn’t a single spot on the reflective surfaces and the ceilings show signs of being scrubbed, it was a heck of a week 😑

Sunday’s are supposed to be days of rest. So my question for the cosmos is why aren’t they days of rest? 😑

apologies. Clearly I still have some work to do on the server configuration 😑

Well that sucks. Seems that my server has been overloaded for 9 hours and it never fixed itself 😑

Calling it an early day. Gnight world 😴

36°C temperature. This is a heck of a lot better than some of the measurements from the start of the week 👍🏻

Looking forward to bed time tonight …

all cars should ship with a cigarette lighter! All of them, dammit! 🤪

Evening is sliding down hill, it seems 🙄

Brought Nozomi for a bit of a walk. The temperature seems to have dropped about 10° in the last couple of hours …