replied. It’s a non-issue 👍🏻

Not a fan of this just yet, but it's a start. No way to reply, delete, or mark as read as of this moment, but the API elements will be attached tomorrow.


Also need to set up email notifications so that messages are sent direct to you if you opt in to the feature. Last thing I want is 10C being a source of unwanted spam …

Okay, then. Some preliminary work done on something. A hard requirement for MySQL 8.0 or newer with the Streams framework now, too. Sure, it might be possible to run things with MySQL 5.x, but stored procedures pre-8.0 were just sluggish as heck …

again with the desire for profit. You’re starting to sound like a Ferengi 😉

fun. You’re not interested in having okonomiyaki every day of the week? There are lots of different styles. You won’t get sick of it 😉

The rain wasn't too bad. Still too wet for Nozomi, but the umbrella kept us dry ☔

Time to walk the puppy dog. She won't like all the rain, but she will enjoy the cool air.

what'd you have today? Takoyaki with a side of okonomiyaki? 🍻

One of my Chinese colleagues always sounds like he's in a massive rush … even when he's taking a break 🤔