My goodness, I'm getting real tired of the kid's attitude. If I wanted to be treated like crap all day long, I'd get a job at an IT help desk.

Almost time for the last coffee of the day …

in-person contact would be nice. Aside from the wife, kid, his teachers, and the in-laws, I've not really interacted with anyone in person for … 16+ months.

funny you should say that, because I'm still kicking around the idea of having an Evernote alternative here. The API and database is designed to handle it, as that was something I wanted to do with the platform, but I've just not hooked the stuff up to a UI …

most likely a UI that is not well suited to such things … 🤔

going for a walk? Or coffee on the roof?

in … person? That's a thing again? 😮

Also … coffee.

Wonder if Gene L. Coon got the idea for the Horta by watching his kids play under a blanket 🤔

Quite the early start to the day. That said, now that the core stuff is mostly done, I can invest time in slowly getting the kid ready for school. His first day back since mid-April …