Hmm … the most recent mysql-server update may have some issues when upgrading the internal database …

just listened to that episode of 99% Invisible that you mentioned the other day. Quite the interesting history behind kindergarten. Fortunately there isn't a ban on early education in this country just yet. If the boy doesn't get out of the house soon, I'm bound to go crazy 🤪

I'm quite colour blind, so a little more specificity would help me understand what you mean by that 🤐

it's certainly a problem … 🤔

hmm … that certainly looks like an issue. I wonder if this has affected other applications using the Chromium core …

not cool. Wonder what’s taking so long for a fix. Have they just abandoned Android?

Feedly is decent for the most part1, but I’ve found that RSS feeds can sometimes stop for days or weeks at a time.

  1. It supports JSON Feed, which makes it interesting.

Just shy of six hours sleep. Not a grand amount, but pretty darn good for a weekday 👍🏻

that’s how things work in the Information Age. I can say whatever I want, however I want. It’s your job to prove me wrong and, even if you meet my stated criteria to have a discussion on the topic, I get to reject it for not meeting my ever-shifting definition of various adjectives and nouns 😬

correct. The v5 system has been tested for security and confirmed as clean. If someone is going to do a hack, they’ll go after me before anyone else. Account 1 is always the one to harass 🤐

umm … this isn’t realistically workable. The collateral damage would be staggering. I can understand where he’s coming from, but his solution of creating a walled garden to protest the walled gardens is incomplete at best.