Yawning way too much despite the hour …

shame that’s not Fahrenheit 🥶


Time to bring the puppy outside for a little run. Typhoon is expected to hit around lunchtime, which might put a crimp in the afternoon and evening walks 😕

indeed. Have had it 15 months now. Two more to go before I break even on the purchase vs. rental cost. Having a “better” fixed address makes this a much better investment 😑


Seems the ISP has pushed out an update to the fibre modem this morning which caused some issues. Not exactly the best way to wake up, but there’s no going back to bed at this hour 🙄

Write a blog post about WordPress and get appropriate spam. Yay.


What I find odd about sites like this is their business model. Is it ads on their website? Is it malware in the “free” things they offer? What is their incentive to exist? A philanthropist blogger will likely not invest in a spam marketing campaign to gain popularity, especially in the crowded WordPress market …

Will need to write a blog post about that time I was attacked by a pack of dogs while going to work at the neighbour's farm … and maybe include an additional story of when a little dog chased after me and bit my ankle while I was heading to middle school …

Nozomi has bitten me a couple of times, too, but only when she was playing a little too rough (as a puppy) or when she was in pain. I wonder if humans taste good to dogs 🤔

I don't see pictures, but I do see links. It's something that needs to be brought under control, because I'm getting 10+ messages through the spam filters to my personal account every day, and I know there are others that could be receiving even more …


the few times my father and I went to up Toronto he'd always want to go to Yonge to see Sam the Record Man and Silver Snail. He'd spend hours in those shops looking at things he couldn't afford … and wind up buying one or two of those items anyway 🙄