Had to so some re-jiggering of numbers as a part of the next update to 10C. People may need to refresh their application in order to get the proper index keys …

This should be the last time the numbers are modified. Apologies for the hassles.

cool. Any plans for your day off? Maybe a trip to a sightseeing spot with the family? 🙂


How the heck does hair get tangled around itself? 🤔

the Great Pacific Garbage Patch will take generations to clean up if all that stuff is going to be turned into pellets. What's absurd is that a lot of the plastic from that patch will return to it after being recycled …


you make it sound like a marketing gimmick to more more plastic and glass into the hands of people in exchange for a pocketful of change 🤔


I can't imagine buying a new watch every year or two. Even when I was young, foolish, and wore those $40 Casios, one watch would be good for at least 5 years …


hope it doesn't interfere with your running streak 🙂


Time to get the day job stuff started …

this seems to be the way many people feel about it when they first get one 🤔



how long you there for?