going from a 6S to a 13 Pro is quite a jump 😬


Time for some sleep. G’night world 😴

Every time I think "There aren't so many dishes", I wind up spending half an hour cleaning the kitchen. Sure, I'm doing it at a leisurely pace, but that's still half an hour for a couple of cups, plates, utensils, and pans.

I'd use the dishwasher, but that seems wasteful at this point 🤐

that’s what management does 😬


There we go. Managed to sketch up one of the more complicated parts of this HR project and have some preliminary data structures that'll bring it all to life. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get it done before the boss drops an "emergency" on my lap 🤪

I'm using CoinCheck, which is a Japanese company. They were a bit more convenient as I could move money via my bank account. However, I've not had any crypto in 5+ months … which is probably a good thing given how every coin I once held has tanked in value by at least 60% 😑


Have had to create a "Crypto Crap" email rule recently to deal with the deluge in messages about NFTs and whatnot 🙄

Why do kids scream so much while playing? I don't remember screaming when I was a kid … 🤔

there's that, but the Uncle Bens rice is pre-cooked, then dried. Growing up in Canada as a non-Asian person, I figured that was rice.

I was mistaken 🤣